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Pay for parking

Choose how to pay

We use an automatic parking payment system for pay-as-you go drivers.

Hozah Autopay detects registered vehicles entering and exiting the car parks, then charges them the correct parking fee automatically once they leave.

Simply sign up once, and your parking payment will be taken care of automatically every time you visit this and any other Hozah Autopay car park. See how it works

Blue Badge holders are entitled to a discounted parking concession.

We'll need to validate your eligibility by asking you to upload a copy of your Blue Badge in the next step.

Once confirmed, you can continue to sign up for Autopay and the discount will be applied.

Apply for Blue Badge discount

Alternatively, please visit either the College Lane or de-Havilland receptions to validate your Blue Badge and make a one-off payment.

Staff can save money with a season ticket, allowing unlimited parking for a recurring fee.

Pricing is based on your salary. Choose an option below to view pricing and sign up:

How Hozah Autopay works

Set up Hozah Autopay

Enter your vehicle and payment details to set up your account.

You can do this before you arrive, during your stay, or before midnight on the same day.

Once set up, that’s it - you’re covered.

Drive in and out of the car park as normal

Cameras within the car park detect your vehicle number plate as you arrive and leave.

We use this data to charge you correctly, and ensure you don’t get a Parking Charge Notice.

We take payment automatically after you leave

Using the payment details you provided, we’ll take accurate payment within 10 days.

Works every time

We’ll continue to take accurate payment each time you visit this car park, and any other Hozah Autopay car park in the UK.