Pay with Hozah® Autopay at Eagles Meadow car park

Save time with a one-time sign up
Get a discount on parking at Eagles Meadow
Experience truly zero-touch parking payments.

Win a year’s free parking

Sign up to Hozah Autopay before 30th July 2021 for a chance win a year’s free parking at Eagles Meadow. Terms and conditions apply.

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Hozah will run a prize draw for all drivers who sign up to Hozah Autopay before 30th July, and use their first parking session at Eagle’s Meadow

In order to quality for the draw:

  • You must register before midnight on 30th July 2021
  • You must provide full and correct vehicle and payment details upon registration
  • Your first Hozah Autopay session must be at Eagles Meadow Car Park, Wrexham

If you’re successful, we’ll notify you by email and automatically apply the free parking pass to your account. Please note that:

  • Free parking will be available for one vehicle only
  • Free parking will start from the date we announce the winner
  • You must comply with the car park rules at Eagles Meadow car park, as noted on signage within the car park
  • The free parking pass can’t be exchanged for any monetary value

What is Hozah® Autopay

Hozah® Autopay is a fully automated parking payment system that detects when drivers enter and exit Hozah-enabled car parks, and then automatically bills them for their length of stay.

Put simply, your car is now your payment card!


Complete a one time sign up with your number plate and payment details


We will detect you entering & exiting Hozah-enabled car parks


And charge you automatically for your length of stay without the need to do anything else

You can either sign up when you enter a Hozah-enabled car park to be charged for that session and future sessions, or sign-up at home and be charged for all future parking sessions

Why use Hozah® Autopay

Save time with a one-time sign up

Once you’ve registered once, you don’t need to sign up again pay any other way (cash, card or online). You’re covered every time you visit the car park.

Discount on parking at Eagles Meadow

Hozah Autopay users get a discount on the standard tariff at Eagles Meadow.

A truly zero-touch, cashless payment method

Registering with Hozah Autopay means you’ll never need to touch a payment machine again or download fiddly apps. Simply sign up, park and go.

Other benefits

Works at all Hozah Autopay car parks, including Eagles Meadow

After you’ve registered, Hozah will collect automatic payments every time you visit Eagles Meadow car park, and any other Hozah® Autopay car park in the UK.

1% of proceeds at Eagles Meadow go to North East Wales Mind

We believe in supporting local good causes, so 1% of all proceeds we collect from Autopay customers parking at Eagles Meadow will go to North East Wales Mind. Their great work helps Flintshire and Wrexham people recover from mental health problems and stay emotionally healthy.

Learn more about North East Wales Mind

What Hozah® Autopay users say

Collected from Hozah users via surveys and by our support team across a number of sites.


What if I need to change my registration or payment details?
Simply log in and change any details in your account settings.
How do I know if a car park is covered by Hozah?
Look out for Hozah signage as you enter a car park!
How can I check I've been charged correctly?
You can log in and check your transaction history at any time. This will provide you with a breakdown of costs and parking sessions.
Can I register multiple cars?
Absolutely. You can register as many vehicles as you like.
Can I use my account in any Hozah car park?
Yes! A one-time sign-up gives you automated payments in all of our Zero Touch Payments car parks
Does it cost any more than pay-by-phone methods of payment?
In some sites we have a small convenience fee ranging between 0-12p, and that’s it! We’re one of the cheapest on the market.

Parking at Eagles Meadow soon?

Sign up before you arrive to save time.