Ways to pay for parking with Hozah

No app necessary

Visiting an Autopay car park?

Currently in an Autopay car park?


Our payment methods

Varies by car park. For accuracy, follow the details on signage within the car park.

Hozah Autopay

Save time with automatic payments

Hozah® Autopay is a fully automated parking payment system, which detects when registered vehicles enter and leave a car park, and collects payment automatically after they leave.

How Autopay works

Cameras in the car park detect your vehicle number plate as you arrive.

Enter your contact, vehicle and payment details to set up your account.

There’s no area to enter your start time and duration, because our system calculates it automatically (see step 4)

No need to pay by any other method.

Cameras detect your vehicle automatically as you leave.

We use the car park’s camera data to calculate the correct fee based on when you arrived and left the car park.

We’ll send an email confirming your parking session and how much it costs.

Payment will be taken from the card you registered within 10 days.

Ready to register?

You can save time by registering before you arrive

Once set up, Hozah® will automatically collect payment for any current and future parking sessions, at any Hozah® Autopay car park.


No – please check signage within the car park to know if it’s Autopay enabled.

If a car park is Autopay-enabled, and your vehicle is registered to an Autopay account, your payment will be taken automatically – you don’t need to pay by any other method.

In some sites, we offer the ability to make a one-off payment online – Pay by web. 

You should follow the details on signage within the car park to find the link to pay online (works via your phone – you just need an internet connection._

For each parking session, you pay:

  • The tariff fee, which goes to the car park owner
  • A convenience fee between 0p and 20p, which goes to Hozah

We use the convenience fee to help us maintain our service and provide support to drivers. You’ll never pay more than 20p in convenience fees per parking session.

A convenience fee is fairly standard across the industry, and we’re pleased so say we’re one of the cheapest out there.

Need support?

Our knowledge base should answer any questions you have. 
For everything else, you can raise a support request.