Hozah’s Complete Parking Management Platform

Increases revenue.
Increases compliance.
Reduces costs.

All whilst maintaining the best driver experience.

Why choose Hozah's Car Park Management platform?

Our technology platform is powered by Hozah's industry-unique technology, digitising every aspect of car park management. Our clients are ensured increased revenue and compliance whilst drivers get the best experience.

We’ve proven that increased compliance means increased revenue for clients. Where drivers use our Autopay solution, both dwell time and repeat visits go up.

Research conducted across multiple local authorities and many major retail locations proves that Hozah’s parking management system increases dwell time. This increase in dwell time directly translates to both increased parking tariff revenue and increased shopper spend. 

Hozah’s system offers full revenue protection. Autopay makes it easy for drivers to stay compliant by automatically paying the correct amount for parking – every time. 

This ensures that PCNs are only issued to drivers who genuinely abuse the car park. Avoiding unnecessary PCNs protects your car park’s reputation and income.

We’ll take care of the installation and costs and have the most competitive revenue-based pricing structures on the market. 

We take the frustration out of payments. Our Hozah Autopay system saves drivers time, ensures they’re always charged accurately and that they never receive a PCN for paying incorrectly.

When drivers are happy, they are more likely to return – Hozah sites see increased dwell, footfall and tariff revenue, leading to greater profit for landowners and increased asset value. 

Want to know how we do it?

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What our clients think

Key features

All-in-one system. Granular control like you’ve never had before.

As a technology company, our bespoke payment and enforcement systems can meet any parking scheme requirements. 

We’re not limited by the archaic, processes and clunky machines or apps of traditional car park operators. This means we can handle a huge variety of user groups, all with different tariff rules, enforcement exemptions and complex scenario planning.

Advanced payment technology. Simple driver experience.

Leading with our revolutionary Hozah Autopay solution, we offer a suite of payment options for drivers, reducing friction when switching from your existing parking solutions and giving drivers the easiest ways to pay on arrival or exit. 

We’re proud that none of our payment methods require an app download. 

Data insights and revenue reporting 

Know how your car park is performing and let the technology tell you how to get the best use out of it – whether that is through repurposing the space, increasing max-stay limits or knowing that it is time to increase your tariffs.  

End-to-end management

Hozah’s digital platform automates and integrates everything from payment and enforcement to reporting and reconciliation. We take the admin burden from you so you can focus on running your business. 

What our drivers think

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Our complete parking management platform increases revenue, reduce costs and deters abuse. 

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