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Hozah is a fully automated parking payment system that connects drivers’ credit/debit cards to number plate recognition cameras.

The cameras detect when drivers enter and exit a car park and then automatically bills the drivers for their length of stay.

Fully automated, giving drivers a better experience

No cash, no apps, just automatic payments from driver to operator

Reduced overheads and administration costs for operators

Increased revenue, from increased car park usage

See how Hozah helps:

Reduced overheads: No expensive machines to purchase, maintain, or upgrade
Reduces enforcement administration or issues
Happier drivers means less problems for busy parking managers to deal with!
Stronger proposition to gain business from landowners that need to maintain positive relationships with their driver
All revenue automatically sent to operators without the need for invoice requests, reducing workload for accounts teams
Reduced overheads: No expensive machines to purchase, maintain, or upgrade
Reduces enforcement administration and improves drivers’ perceptions of the car park
Fairer, consistent revenue: Drivers no longer able to ‘chance’ it by parking for free
Auxiliary benefits of ANPR cameras: safety, security, data on car parks
Increased tariff revenue: more drivers using the car park, and no drivers being able to ‘chance it’ and not pay for parking
Full data on car park usage: peak times, average length of stay, type of vehicles and more
Decreased car park congestion
More accessible, inclusive, safer and fairer car parks
Hozah’s PCN guarantee gives peace of mind to drivers
Safer: Reduction in on-foot trips to pay & display machines
Fully automated: no cash, no apps: do nothing to pay for parking!
+ much more. Contact us to find out how we can help your business.

“Hozah’s services have been introduced at Bransby Wilson Parking Solution’s car parks to complement existing flexible payment systems. Hozah was easy to integrate and immediately proved a popular payment method, providing a quick, safe and secure payment choice. We have absolutely no doubt that this payment method will be of great benefit to local authorities and car park operators!”

Christopher Wilson

Managing Director at Bransby Wilson Parking Solutions

“As part of its Transport Innovation agenda Coventry City Council is thrilled to be launching the Hozah zero-effort payment service. The development will allow drivers the opportunity to experience frictionless parking in all of our car parks, and is another step towards making Coventry City a truly connected Smart City. Changing peoples’ opinions on an industry starts with innovation and inclusive technology. Coventry City Council are proud to work with a forward thinking company such as Hozah who have helped us in making this a reality.”

Sunil Budhdeo

Transport Innovation Manager at Coventry City Council

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